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A self-taught artist, Adeline began her practice in her hometown in France in 2006 when she decided to leave her legal career to become a professional mosaicist. She learns by working in the field with Canadian, Italian and French mosaic masters. She is now based in Montreal, Quebec.

Mosaic art is part of the reinvention of nature by assembling stone fragments to convey an emotion that accompanies it throughout the creative process. Life is a mosaic of events, colors, feelings, and mosaic art is shaped through the elements that surround us in life, all materials can be reused and given a second wind in a mosaic. Adeline uses a lot of recycled materials in her works, be it sculptures, murals or furniture. She lets herself be guided by contact with matter, the touch of raw materials such as stone or iridescent glass, new or used enamelled ceramics. His inspiration is most often guided by the exploration of textures, and light plays a big role in his creative process. Channeling emotion; transcend the spontaneity of the feeling towards the work, without altering it, in the precision of the gesture of the size of the stone.

In addition, since 2014, it has given itself the mission of promoting the visual arts to a wide audience, by offering mosaic art workshops to students in schools, by creating murals with the participation of citizens in the alleys green, by opening a mosaic art school for children in Haiti. The medium's ability in art therapy also leads her to young people with mental deficiency and autism spectrum disorder. This is to stimulate everyone's creative potential, to encourage openness to oneself, the inner self, as much as to openness to others, and to offer another means of expression.



  • 2018: Collective exhibition  organized by Art Cible (September)

  • 2018: Talking Windows - Montreal

  • 2017: Artist in residence in Kamouraska, Kollaboration; followed by the exhibition-auction in June.

  • 2017: Collective exhibition, Livart gallery, The timelessness of the human body (March).

  • 2016: Collective exhibition at the Galerie du Viaduc entitled Poisson d'Avril - April fool (April).

  • 2016: Collective exhibition Art Cible at L'Espace Cercle Carré (January)

  • 2015: Collective exhibition at the Simon Bolivar Center, organized by Image de Femmes (March).

  • 2014: Exhibition at SIDIM 26th edition, winning work Greta Garbo selected by a jury composed of members of the management of the Artxterra Agency, SIDIM and INTÉRIEURS Magazine.

  • 2014: Behind Closed Door exhibition, Hotel Zéro, Montreal, silent auction for the benefit of the Bouclier d'Athéna association.

  • 2013: Collective exhibition at La Cenne, Montreal, organized by Art Cible (September)

  • 2013: Collective exhibition at the Galerie du Viaduc, Montreal (01 to 13 April)

  • 2009: annual collective exhibition Mosaique Surface, Montreal (July)

  • 2008: group exhibition Mosaique Surface, Montreal (June).


February 2016: Portrait of the artist with video by Pelicula Film. Screening of the portraits at the Phi Center in Montreal on April 1, 2016.

April 1, 2016: article in the daily Le Devoir

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